10 Tips for Choosing Curtains For Your Home

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Bedroom curtains

Well chosen curtains can instantly transform the look and feel of a room, even becoming a focal point in their own right. If you’re looking for new curtains for your home, then here are 10 tips for successfully choosing curtains!

1. For a classic look, find curtains in a material that will compliment the design, colours and patterns you already have in the room. If you’re unsure of which shade of colour to go for, then opting for neutral, beige or cream curtains can usually be a good safe bet.

2. Plain curtains can be a good option if you already have patterned wallpaper, or a patterned carpet, as adding more pattern to the room – even if it matches – can be overkill!

3. For a more eclectic look, consider using contrasting curtains, or be brave and mix and match colours and patterns.

4. Think about what style you’d like the top of your curtains to have and how you’d like them hung. For the classic look, curtain tracks are a popular choice, but for a more relaxed contemporary look, the tab top style or eyelet curtains can add a stylish feel to a room.

5. If your windows are a standard size, then buying ready made curtains can work out as an affordable option for your needs.

Living room curtain ideas

Living room curtains

6. For windows that don’t conform to standard sizes, made-to-measure curtains can be ordered to produce the perfect size, length, style and design of curtains you require. This is also a good option if there’s a specific curtain style that you’d like.

7. If a room tends to be dark and you’d like more light in the room, then opt for sheer or lightweight curtains.

8. For rooms that can be chilly or draughty during the winter months, a heavier weight of curtain can help to keep the warmth in and create a cosier room.

9. For a bedroom, where you’d like the room to be darker to help you get a better night’s sleep, an extra lining layer of blackout material (which doesn’t have to be black!) can be added to keep unwanted light out.

10. Finishing touches are just as important as the curtains themselves, so give attention to trimmings and tie backs.

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