Trellis garden planters – buy one, get one free

Garden trellis for climbing plants

Grow climbing plants in your garden

If you’re looking to grow scented climbing plants in your garden, such as honeysuckle, passionflower or clematis, then here’s a great offer to help you achieve this.

This garden planter set comes with a large garden planter and attached trellis. All you need to do is choose some plants, plant them in the planter and they’ll -( hopefully!) – grow up the trellis and produce a beautiful display of colour and scent. It’s a lot less hassle than having to fix trellis to an existing wall or fence, as everything is provided for you.

If that’s not enough, the garden planter and trellis set is currently on a special offer – buy one, get one free! You could use the planters alongside each other, position them either side of a patio, use them to create a ‘wall’ effect, so you can screen off parts of your garden into mini rooms.

The one shown here is the wide option, but there’s also a smaller narrow planter available too. Both trellis and planter sets can be purchased from House of Bath.

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