5 Ways to Create a Country Kitchen

Create a classic country style kitchen in your home with the Wordsworth design kitchen from Brayer Design

Wordsworth country kitchen from Brayer Design

If you love the idea of a cosy country kitchen and are keen to create the look in your home, then here are five easy ideas to help you achieve it!

1. Use Neutral Colours

Burbidge Tetbury country kitchen

Burbidge Tetbury country kitchen

Having a light background such as white, cream or beige gives a feeling of light and space in a country kitchen. If you want to use a colour, keep it light – try a pale green or blue. You can add bold colours with cleverly placed accessories.

2. Change Cupboard Doors

Burbidge Langton country kitchen In Painted Gravel And Seal Grey

Burbidge Langton country kitchen

If you don’t want to replace kitchen units, it’s quite simple to change the look by painting your cupboard doors, using a light colour such as buttermilk or cream.

If you prefer to go with traditional pine units, you could easily replace the doors without having to replace the whole of the kitchen units! Using decorative handles will give that final touch, and can be classic or modern, depending on your own personal style.

3. Choose Country Kitchen Style Furniture

Burbridge Marlow country kitchen design

Burbridge Marlow country kitchen design

Chunky wooden tables make a bold centrepiece, and were the heart of a traditional country kitchen. Look for rustic style, with pine or oak pieces.

A dresser can be a great focal point, and creates a place for you to show off dinner pieces. Or how about hanging a plate rack on the wall?

4. Add Carefully Selected Accessories to Your Country Kitchen

Burbidge Erin country style kitchen

Burbidge Erin country style kitchen

Look out for materials which will accentuate your country kitchen, such as slate, pine and oak. Dress windows with fabric to tie in – why not try a simple gingham or pretty floral? You could also match these up for table dressings, such as napkins or tablecloths.

Check out your local secondhand outlets for those chic and rustic accessories. You can often find beautiful dinner sets and tea sets, and don’t worry if they’re not an exact match – that’s part of the charm!

Inject a little colour by adding bright electrical accessories, like your kettle and toaster. Try matching counter-top items to tie in, such as utensil holders, knife blocks and tea towels.

5. Add Pictures and Mirrors

Look around for traditional scenes, and antique style frames. Pictures of farm scenes, animals, or garden and floral views look lovely and cheer up a plain wall in a country kitchen.

To create more light, try hanging a decorative mirror in a place that will catch some light from a window. Beware though – steam created by cooking could mean you’ll need to clean it often!

Where to Shop For the Country Kitchen Look

Written by Tereasa Easton

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