Le Vrai Gourmet stainless steel stockpot

Le Vrai Gourmet stock pot reduced at Debenhams

Useful stock pot

If you’ve been left with lots of Christmas turkey, duck or chicken to use up, then a great way of getting all you can out of it is to make your own stock from the carcass, which can then be frozen ready for future use in soups, risottos or other dishes.

A good sized stockpot is a useful addition to have in your kitchen for this very purpose, like this Le Vrai Gourmet stainless steel 24cm stockpot. As well as using it for making stock, it’s a great size saucepan for lots of other cooking needs, such as making soup or stews.

The Le Vrai stockpot was priced at £44, but has been reduced down to £35.20 in the Debenhams sale.

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