6 of the best double oven gloves

I’ve unexpectedly found myself in the market for a new pair of oven gloves, after my husband accidentally set fire to my much-loved (and kitchen co-ordinated) oven gloves at the weekend.

It’s not the best timing, with the big Christmas lunch approaching at the end of the week and oven gloves an essential (if our guests actually manage to get here with the snow). I may have to get a budget pair to tide me over, but in the long run, another really nice pair are definitely in order.

Personally, I’m a fan of double oven gloves, as I’ve never found it quite so easy to grip with the single, gauntlet style of oven gloves – the ones I’ve tried were just too bulky (although if you know different and have found the perfect single oven glove, then do let me know!). Here are six of the double oven glove contenders that have made it onto my shortlist so far.

Red double oven gloves
Red stripe oven gloves

I like the idea of introducing some red into the kitchen this time and these red stripe double oven gloves are certainly a cheery colour. They’re £18 from John Lewis….and I could be tempted to buy a matching apron too.

Alison Capeling kitchen textiles

Blue stripe oven gloves

Blue was my chosen oven glove colour before, but the cotton oven gloves on the right, with their hint of red, look really nice. These double oven gloves are made by designer Alison Capeling and cost £12.50.

Blue polka dot spot oven gloves

Blue polka dot

These blue Linea polka dot double oven gloves are lovely and they’re half price in the sale, so now only £6 at House of Fraser – bargain!

Blue kitchen textile oven glove

Woodland oven gloves

This blue Rushbrookes double oven glove has a fun woodland design, with colourful flowers and leaves. It’s £9 from Amazon.

Emma Bridgewater kitchen linen

Heart oven gloves

Being rather partial to many of Emma Bridgewater’s designs, I can’t help but hone in on her kitchen textiles range. The pink hearts work well on this double oven glove.

These oven gloves are pretty girly though, so this could be one way to avoid another accidental male oven glove burning incident! They’re £13 from Emma Bridgewater.

Cath Kidston kitchen oven gloves
Christmassy oven gloves

I rather like these Christmas bauble design oven gloves from Cath Kidston. The colours are appealing and, although they’re Christmassy, they’re not too overly festive and could be used all year round. They’re £10.

Some other interesting oven glove options I found on my web travels include this blue and white utensils design, traditional Union Jack oven gloves and  these ultra bright and cheery Union flag oven gloves.

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