5 tips for buying a new washing machine

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Many of us take the convenience of washing machines for granted, but when they suddenly pack up (and they typically do at the most inconvenient moment!) you can be lost without one. If you’re looking to buy a new washing machine, then here are five tips for finding the perfect washing machine for your needs.

1. Type of machine

Think about what type of washing machine you’d like and need. Do you purely want a washing machine, or a combined washer and dryer?

If you have a fitted kitchen, you may require an integrated machine, that is hidden from view when not in use or a semi-integrated washing machine that is mostly covered by a door panel that matches the rest of your kitchen.

2. Space and size

The amount of existing space you have available is important as it helps determine what size of washing machine you’re able to buy.

Don’t take it for granted that your space will be standard, as if you’ve inherited the machine in a house you’ve bought, it could be an older design and a different size to newer models. Even a few centimeters can be crucial.

Measure the space you have available and keep a note of it as you begin to look at possible models.

3. Washing machine features

Modern washing machines have a vast array of wash programmes and, although it can be a bit overwhelming, do try and go through the options and see what you actually need. There’s no point spending more on a washing machine with loads of options that you’ll never get round to using.

4. Energy efficiency

All washing machines are given an energy efficiency and performance grading which goes from A to G, with A the most economical. Better performing machines will tend to be more expensive.

5. Delivery and recycling

Buying a new machine machine can be made so much easier if the company you’re buying from delivers it to you.

You’ll need to consider what you’ll do with your old one too – some companies will take them away – but otherwise you can arrange to have your old machine taken to a local recycling centre.

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