Kitchen Notes set from Berry Red

Sticky notes galore

Sticky notes galore

Oh how I love notepads and sticky notes and you can never have enough!

Having a good stash in the kitchen is essential and I typically get through loads of sticky notes. There’s all the usual reminder needs, like putting the rubbish out, turning the oven on or food I need to buy to stock up the cupboards, but I also like to use colour-coded sticky notes on foods that I freeze too.

Yes, I know it sounds a tad anal, but colour-coding helps easily distinguish between foods when they’re frozen in the same type of freezer bags¬†– and there’s nothing worse than thinking of you’ve got a soup out of the freezer, to then discover it’s actually spag bol!

So I’d be in organisational¬†heaven with this set of sticky notes. You get a whopping 480 of them in a handy tin, in all sorts of designs and colours, and they’re only ¬£10 per set from Berry Red.

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