Colin and Justin Influence homeware at Matalan


Interior designers Colin and Justin (Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan) sell their Influence homeware range exclusively at Matalan.

With their homeware stocked by Matalan, you can be sure that the prices will be affordable, which is great if you’re shopping on a budget. The style is certainly not compromised though, and everything looks good and is nicely produced.

Three of the new Colin and Justin pieces recently available from Matalan include the brown floral bin, jewelled drawers and jewelled trunk.

The jewelled drawers in particular are very nice – each of the four drawers is finished with a jewel-like handle in varying colours – and there’s plenty of useful storage space inside. It would be great for use in a bedroom, lounge or hall and the piece is priced at £40.

The matching jewelled trunk (£60) would also be ideal for storage purposes and the brown floral bin is a bargain at only £8.

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