Paper planes vintage style ceramic plate

Unusual vintage look plate

Unusual vintage look plate

I can’t help but swoon over vintage homeware and furniture, but sometimes can’t afford the price of the real thing.

Thankfully, this fantastic Paper Planes plate has the look and feel of a vintage item with a price I can afford. Hooray!

Made from ceramic, the plate has a map-like look to the background, with a vintage style postcard on the foreground. On it are written the simple words, “Hello, beautiful.”

It’s a great piece and one I can’t wait to use. As an added benefit of its ‘looking vintage, but not being vintage’ charm, the plate can withstand all the mod cons, like dishwashers, ovens and microwaves.

To get your hands on the Paper Planes ceramic plate, head over to Cloth-Ears, where it’s priced at only £7.99.

Other coordinating items are available too, including this Paper Planes bowl, Paper Planes flask and Paper Planes tea mug and coaster set.

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