Shop to Explore: Freddie Freckle


Freddie Freckle shop

We’re always on the lookout for new shops to explore and were pleased to discover Freddie Freckle recently. They sell lots of nice shabby chic and vintage homeware items, but what caught our eye initially was the fact that they sell both new and once loved items.

Their shopping site is easy to use and is split into sections, with the new and once loved items clearly distinguishable. The once loved items are great, as you never know quite what you’ll find, and it’s a nice online alternative to hunting out vintage and collectable items in a secondhand shop.

We’re particular fond of the Afternoon Tea area of the store, where there are all sorts of great tea sets, cake stands, cake plates and more. One of the pretty and affordable items in store now is this small pink glass cake stand (15cm diameter), which is perfect for small cakes or biscuits, and is only £4.95.

Why not go and explore Freddie Freckle yourself?

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