Colourful melamine bowls

Stylish bowls

Stylish bowls

At first glance, it would be easy to assume these pretty bowls are made from china, but they’re actually made from melamine.

I love melamine homeware items, as they’re sturdy and hard-wearing and you needn’t worry about accidental breakages (although melamine can eventually break, it’s a lot less of a risk than expensive china). These bowls in particular are extra special as they have fluted, scalloped edges. It’s also great that you can buy them individually, as many others come in sets, and it means you can mix and match colours.

The bowls are available in a choice of pale pink, turquoise, lime green, raspberry and red and are great for using outside in the garden, on picnics, as well as for dining in the comfort of your home.

The melamine bowls are £7.50 each from Graham and Green.

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