Lovely homeware finds at House of Fraser

House of Fraser

House of Fraser

When I’m buying home accessories, I must admit that House of Fraser isn’t the first place I’d think of looking. But having stumbled across some of their homeware items, I’m really impressed.

All the items in the picture are available from House of Fraser and, used individually or together, they add a touch of charm and interest to your home.

The lilac bird keepsake box, near the front of the photo, is by Linea and the top comes off to reveal a secret hidey-hole for all your treasures and keepsakes. The box is £12.

The pink Linea butterfly vase is really unusual, as it’s decorated with 3D images of butterflies that look like they’ve just landed or about to fly off. It’s perfect for displaying a single rose or flower stem and is also priced at £12.

I love the ornate Varsailles cream mirror at the back, with its classical styling. Now is currently a good time to snap it up, as the price  has been reduced by £20 in the sale, making it a great bargain.

The watercolour glass photo frame is adorned with handpainted pink and blue floral and buttefly designs and fits really well with the other pieces.

The flowers draped around the ouside of the mirror are lovely as decoration, but they also function as lights too, so you can light up your mirror or dressing table area. The pink peony fabric lights are fitted with 20 bulbs and are ideal for creating a summery feel in a room.

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