Gorgeous framed butterfly collage by Tozzy Bridger

Unusual collage

Unusual collage

This unusual butterfly collage is handmade by Hampshire-based artist Tozzy Bridger, who uses strips of torn magazine cuttings to create beautiful collage designs.

The collage is made on recycled card and presented in a simple 17cm by 17cm frame with a caption underneath. You can choose from captions such as, ‘Rare specimen’, ‘Butterfly beautiful’, ‘Buttefly flutterby’ or come up with your own personalised caption.

Each piece is unique, so colours do vary, but the end result looks stunning. Compared to other similar collages, Tozzy’s butterfly collage seems very well priced at only £16.50. It would look lovely on a wall of your home, or be ideal  for a special gift.

The butterfly collage is available to purchase from Tozzy Bridger’s store on Not On The High Street. Other similar collages are available in the form of a dragonfly, moon, star and heart.

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