14 Types of Wall Décor To Use in Your Home


Walls are not just for painting or wallpapering – they can be decorated and enhanced in numerous ways. If you’d like to become more creative with what you put on your walls, then here are 14 different types of wall décor that you can use to pep up your home, add individuality and make it a cosy, welcoming space.

1. Wall Art



Is your home space lacking something?  Why not try and pull your room together with finesse by using wall art. 

Home decor has gone beyond just having a few pictures hung on the wall.  Savvy decorators are now using interesting sculpture type art, wall art with moving parts and pieces that match other components in the room. In fact, wall art can be like another piece of furniture. 

Ideally, wall art should be interesting, colourful and well made and something that you’ll enjoy. A good piece of art will keep you happy for years to come.

Product idea: Blue mist triptych from John Lewis.

2. Metal Wall Decor


Metal wall decor is not just for neutral coloured rooms.  Newer metal wall decor features bright splashes of colour and makes a statement.

Other types of metal wall decor are made into interesting shapes or panels.  Hammering the surface of the metal or treating the metal with different chemicals gives it texture. 

When used appropriately, metal can make a room look warm and inviting.  Rectangular and square metal wall pieces can be mixed and matched throughout your living space to create a uniform look. Circular shapes grouped together bring a feeling of peace to any room.

Product idea: Daisy bunch bronze wall art from Artisanti.

3. Wall Sconces


A well placed wall sconce can lighten the layout of your living space.  Federal style and Asian influenced wall sconces will make your home sizzle with style.  You can have your wall sconce wired for electricity or use pillared candles to brighten any wall with warm light.

Product idea: Pair of candle wall sconces from Cox and Cox.

4. Wall Mirrors


Mirror tricks are important to know!  Wall mirrors can brighten dark corners, make a room seem bigger or a hallway seem longer.  Add a wall mirror next to a piece of art or let it hang by itself. 

Wall mirrors can come in a variety of frames.  Beautiful wood grains or even painted wood makes a lovely finish to a mirror.  Mirrors can be framed with ornate metal workings.  Pairing mirrors together, even small wall mirrors creates a reflective mood throughout your room.

Product idea: Octaganol wall mirror from Graham and Green.

5. Wall Clocks


No matter what style your home is, a wall clock will fit in to your decor.  Traditional train station clocks, whimsical noise making clocks or odd shaped wall clocks are a beautiful necessity. 

Most wall clocks run on batteries and will last you forever.  Metal wall clocks are beautiful when they feature unique cut-outs along the frame. 

Product idea: Black gallery wall clock fromDebenhams

6. Wall Fireplaces


A wall fireplace is perfect for creating drama in a room.  These fireplaces reflect the flames off the metal and bounce light and warm feelings throughout the room. 

Varying in size but equal in the ‘wow’ factor, wall fireplaces are a great choice for any decorator.

Product idea: Mercury wall fireplace from West Country Fires.

7. Architectural Elements


Looking to spark some interest in a drab room?  Add architectural elements to your decor. 

Antique pieces or faux antique pieces are a fabulous choice. Whether you choose medallions, wood panelling or crown molding, they can work together to bring a traditional feel into a room.  Just add one or two of these touches for instant home transformation.

Product idea: Oak waxed floral panels from Antiques, Furniture, Collectables and Interiors.

8. Bookcases


Big or small, wall mounted or free-standing, a bookcase is something you just can’t live without.  Bookcases with glass doors or even open faced bookcases are a smart, thoughtful touch to a room.

Wood finishes in a variety of stains bring richness and depth.  Go shabby chic with painted wood bookcases.  Keep your books and knick knacks safe in your bookcase.

Product idea: Shabby chic white painted bookcase with drawers, from Dooleys Furniture.

9. Wall Cabinets


Tuck your goodies into your cabinets.  A cabinet hanging on a wall or standing alone could be just the space solution you are looking for.

This dual purpose home furnishing can be used as a table as well as storage.  Hanging cabinets give a room a feeling of cosiness.

Product idea: Monterey display cabinet from John Lewis.

10. Tapestries and Cross Stitch Samplers


Tapestries and cross stitch samplers have made a comeback!  Tapestries from around the globe vary from ornate pieces with hundreds of different coloured threads to simple two toned pieces and memorable statements. 

Tapestries and cross stitch samplers come in a variety of sizes and are a great alternative to a plain hanging picture. If you feel creative, you could even make your own!

Product idea: Keep Calm and Carry On cross stitch sampler from Miso Funky.

11. Picture Vignettes


Personalize your home with a grouping of picture vignettes.  Portraits of your family placed in matching or similar frames will make your wall interesting. 

Mix different frame shapes, like round, oval, square and rectangular ones.  Also add a collage of frames that allow you to pull several pictures into one large frame.  Picture vignettes make a room personal and bring your loved ones to a place of honour on your walls.

Product idea: Set of three antiqued photo frames from Cox and Cox.

12. Wall Stickers


Wall stickers are a fantastic invention that allows you to put intricate or funky designs on your wall, with minimum effort.

A wide variety of design ideas are available, suitable for all styles and rooms. Be creative and choose a stunning bold design, or add subtle touches here and there.

Best of all, if you change your mind, colour scheme or style of decor, the sticker can be easily removed and you can start again.

Product idea: Lush swirl wall sticker from Aijographics on Not On The High Street.

13. Wall Fountains


Nothing says tranquillity quite like the sound of tinkling water.  A wall fountain could quickly become your favourite piece of luxury.  Some wall fountains also come with their own light. On an interior wall or an exterior one, it doesn’t matter.  Either way it’s a soothing addition. 

Product idea: Bronze effect flower wall fountain from Crocus.

14. Wreaths, Swags and Garlands


Bring the feeling of elegance to your home with a wreath, swag or garland.  Bay leaf swags or garlands, magnolia swags and even roses make a lovely way to accent the corner of a picture.  Or simply lay a swag on a shelf or double it up and hang it on your wall. 

Wreaths are the perfect way to greet guests.  Hang one in your entryway or on a front door.  Stay seasonal and use a wreath that celebrates whatever time of year it may be! 

Product idea: Rose flower garland from Anusha on Not On The High Street.

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