Anusha butterfly garland

Dainty butterfly garland

Dainty butterfly garland

Add a touch of extra interest to your rooms, with the help of this dainty butterfly garland.

The duck egg blue feather butterfly garland features 12 hand-painted butterflies and drop crystals, strung together on an invisible nylon wire.

The garland measures 160cm and the wings of the butterflies are 10cm. As the picture shows, it look gorgeous hung around a mirror (you can get it to stay in place even better by using tiny pieces of Blu Tack). Or you could drape it around the tops of picture frames, on a windowsill,¬†around your bed or use it in children’s rooms.

The butterfly garland is a best-seller from Anusha, where it costs £11.

If blue isn’t your colour, then the butterfly garland is also available in soft pink and lilac.

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