Decorative fabric clothes hangers

Blue and white fabric hanger

Blue and white fabric hanger

If you’re fed up with unattractive, plastic hangers in your wardrobe, then a lovely way of livening things up is to invest in some fabric clothes hangers.

Not only do they help your wardrobe to look streamlined and organised, but they could also offer extra protection to your clothes too, especially when they’re padded. That’s because some of the cheaply made plastic and wire hangers are often poorly made, break easily or may have areas where you clothes snag on them.

If you want clothes to come out of your wardrobe looking well hung and crease free, then decent hangers make all the difference.

Unique Coat Hangers are one company that specialise in producing special clothes hangers.

¬†This blue and beige fabric floral coat hanger, for example, started life as a wooden coat hanger. It’s been padded, covered with 100% cotton fabric and has a gilt hook.

The single blue and beige hanger from Unique Coat Hangers is only £4, and they have loads of other gorgeous designs and colours available too.

Alternatively, if you fancy having a go at being creative and making your own decorative fabric clothes hangers, then you’ll find some step-by-step instructions over on Design Sponge.

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