Make your own wall art

Vintage design cake paper

Vintage design cake paper

If you fancy some new decorative art on your wall, don’t want to spend a fortune and don’t mind being a bit creative, then there are some great ways of creating inexpensive wall art yourself.

One tried and tested method, and something that doesn’t require a lot of artistic skill, is to purchase some good quality decorative wrapping paper and either use it simply as a poster on a wall, or for a more stylish look, pop it in an inexpensive frame.

If you like all things vintage, and are rather partial to cake, then this vintage cake paper by Cavallini would make a great piece of wall art.

The high quality paper features a range of sumptuous looking cakes, from archive designs, and measures 50cm by 70cm.

If you want something for a nursery or a child’s room, then they also do a lovely retro ABC paper, with colourful letters and representative images next to some of them. It measures the same size as the cake paper.

Why not make this into art for a nursery? Why not make this into art for a nursery?

Both the vintage cake paper and retro ABC paper can be purchased from Berry Red for £2.95 each.


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