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Create the look of a traditional stone wall with grey slate wallpaper

Friday, February 22nd, 2013
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How to use textured wallpapers in your home decor

Grey slate effect wallpaper

There are some brilliant textured wallpapers available, that help you create the effect of stone, concrete or wood on your wall.

If you love traditional stone walls, then this wallpaper from Next is perfect for creating the effect of a grey slate stone wall in your home.

It looks like the wall has been hand-built and is in soothing shades of grey. Best of all, it’s pretty affordable too and will only set you back £15 a roll.


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Bobbin candlestick and heart wall art

Friday, November 9th, 2012
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Cosy home craft room decor ideas

Remember the bobbin cotton reel lamp we featured previously? Well, we’ve found some other matching items from Next that are also bobbin and cotton reel inspired.

Bobbin and cotton reel homeware for a crafty cosy home

Red bobbin candlestick

The red bobbin candlestick is a sturdy wooden candlestick, suitable for holding a pillar candle. It’s got lovely red ribbon would around the stem to create a bobbin type look. It’s £10 from Next.

Bobbin heart wall art for a crafty cosy home

Bobbin heart canvas

Also really striking is the bobbin heart canvas. The heart shape is made up from a host of colourful bobbins and cotton reels and, at only £15, it’s a great addition for a wall.

All three bobbin inspired homeware pieces would work equally well in a cosy living room, bedroom or craft room.

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Cosy crochet throw for chilly nights

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012
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How to get cosy at home

Cosy crochet throw

With the nights getting chillier, our thoughts are turning to getting cosy at home – and what better way than snuggling up in this crochet throw.

The delicately knitted throw, which looks like it’s made of mohair but is actually cotton, would add an extra layer of warmth to a bed. Or you could wrap it around you as you relax in your living room on a chilly evening.

The natural coloured crochet throw is available in two sizes, to suit single or double beds, and costs £40 from Next.

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Bobbins cotton reel table lamp from Next

Monday, September 10th, 2012
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Quirky and unusual home lighting ideas

Unusual bobbins lamp

There are some lovely lamps and lighting ideas in the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection from Next and one utterly charming design is this bobbins table lamp.

The quirky wooden table lamp has a base which is made up of three colourful bobbins, or cotton reels – one in navy, one in pink and one in green. The heavy cotton shade matches the green of one of the bobbins and the lamp has an unusual pink flex.

If you’re into sewing or crafts, or have a dedicated sewing room or corner, then this lamp would be a perfect fit. It’s also ideal for anyone that wants to update a plain old boring lamp, as this one certainly has an unusual appeal and is sure to be noticed in a room!

The bobbins table lamp costs £50 from Next.

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Teacup lamp from Next

Friday, February 24th, 2012
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Teacup lamp base

Teacup lamp

How’s this for a quirky lamp?

For lovers of a good old cup of tea, here’s a rather fun lamp made from ceramic teacups.

The four natural teacups in graduating sizes are stacked together to form the base of the lamp. The lamp is completed with the addition of a faux silk shade.

It’s a lovely lamp to finish off a bedroom, or you could use it in a living room – it’s sure to be a talking point!

The teacups lamp costs £50 from Next.

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Snowy paper tree from Next

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011
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Silver and white Christmas decorations xmas

Dainty snowy paper tree

The icy look, of silver and white trees and decorations, is a popular choice for seasonal decorating. We’ve already highlighted one snowy paper tree that comes pre-lit, but here’s another lovely option.

This snowy paper tree is 160cm tall and looks like it’s been dusted with a sprinkling of snow and plucked straight out of a forest. Its branches are dainty, but there’s still plenty of space to be able to hang baubles or other Christmas tree decorations on it.

The snowy paper tree costs £50 from Next. The baubles shown on the tree are part of a 50 piece mixed set and are only £10.

Other silver and ice decorations are available from Next to complete the look.

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