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Cosy home kitchen: Silver bird trivet

Monday, October 8th, 2012
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Accessories for a cosy home kitchen

Trivet: too nice for hot pans?

Kitchen trivets are usually sturdy, practical items, but this unusual trivet is far more decorative in style than the average trivet.

In fact, although a trivet is  normally used for putting hot pots on, this silver bird trivet looks far too nice to burden with hot pans.

The heart shaped trivet is a really decorative piece and we’d prefer to leave it uncovered and on display in a kitchen.

However you choose to use it, the silver bird trivet is £21.95 from Rigby and Mac.

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Twitter owl cotton tea towel

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012
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Twitter tweets owl tea towel kitchen accessories

Owl design tea towel

All kitchens need a good supply of tea towels, especially those that bring a smile to your face as you dry the dishes.

This cotton Twitter tea towel is adorned with branches of owls, all lining up for a bit of a tweet.

It’s cute and colourful and, at only £6 from Ulster Weavers, won’t break the bank either.

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Designers Guild vintage style bird decorations

Monday, December 19th, 2011
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Designers Guild vintage Christmas decor

Bird decorations

These vintage style bird decorations from Designers Guild can be used as Christmas tree decorations, but may work equally well displayed in your home all year around, as they’re immediately overly Christmassy.

The four birds – two black and white and two red – have glitter accents on them and are strung and ready to be hung.

The set of four bird decorations costs £20 from Designers Guild.

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White bone china owl light

Thursday, November 24th, 2011
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Animal shaped owl bird lamp

Owl light

There a lots of bone china animal-inspired lamps around at the moment and, like some of the others, this owl light is nice for using in a child’s bedroom.

As it’s made of bone china, you may not think it’s massively practical as a bedside lamp, but as it works with a low wattage light bulb which stays cool, it can be left on all night on a shelf as a gently glowing night light. It’s quite a cute design and shape for a child to wake up and see!

The bone china owl light is £69 from Nest Gifts.

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Chick A Dee smoke alarm

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011
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Chickadee bird design smoke alarm for your home

Bird smoke alarm

Every home should be well equipped with smoke alarms, but they’re not always the most attractive of items.

If you’re looking for a smoke alarm that serves its essential purpose, but which also adds a decorative touch, then meet the Chick a Dee smoke alarm.

Created in the shape of an American black-capped Chickadee perched on a branch, the bird smoke alarm emits an 86 decibel alarm signal if it detects any signs of smoke.

It complies with the latest smoke detector regulations and has a 1.5 year battery life, after which an alarm will sound to let you know the batter needs to be changed.

It’s nice to find a smoke alarm that’s a bit different, but still fully functional. The Chick a Dee smoke alarm is available in white, pink or black and costs £42.50 from Dutch by Design.

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Bird design iron fireplace screen

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011
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Keep your home cosy and warm

Decorative fireplace screen

Fireplace screens needn’t be boring, as this decorative ironwork fireplace screen shows!

The practical screen is made from iron and features an openwork bird on branch design all over its three panels. When placed in front of a lit open fire, a silhouette effect is produced, with bird shadows darting around the room.

The fireplace screen is available from Graham and Green – it has currently sold out, but you can express your interest and sign up for details of when it’s back in stock.

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