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April 23rd  

The concept of trays is a lot older that you might think. The oldest known example, an earthenware tray said to date from the 7th or 6th century BC, is in the Hunterian Museum in Glasglow, and trays have been in use ever since in various guises.

Types of tray

Salvers are flat serving trays, normally made from silver. The name ‘salver’ is thought to come from the Latin ‘salvare’, meaning ‘to save’, as the food on it had been tested as non-poisoned and was fit for consumption.

Papier mache trays from Japan were popular in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries, when trade routes opened up and there was a great enthusiasm for Oriental goods. These trays became increasingly elaborate, with mother-of-pearl decorations, until they were more decorative than practical.

Melamine was popular between the 1940s and 1960s, as it was lightweight and durable, and 1952 saw the advent of TV dinners, and therefore the TV tray.

Modern trays are made from every type of material, including plastic, metal, wood, rattan and acrylic, but their use has remained the same for centuries. We’ve picked out ten of our favourites.

1. Melamine tray, Doris and Boris

Hen design tray










This bright, cheerful melamine tray is printed with a design of funky-coloured hens, and is perfect for using as a breakfast tray for a lazy Sunday morning. It costs £23.99 from Doris and Boris.

2. Leather tray, Meynells

Meynells leather tray










This beautiful tray is crafted from tan leather, and has rounded corners and deep sides for easy carrying. It’s perfect for serving evening drinks – cut glass decanters, malt whisky and crystal glasses optional. £95, available from Leather and Lavender.

3. Wooden slatted tray, Oscar and Eve

Wooden slatted tray












This slatted wooden tray is made from sustainably sourced mango wood. As well as a sturdy carrying tray, you could also use it to display plant pots or fruit. It costs £26.95, from Oscar and Eve.

4. Modern wooden tray, Puji

Modern wooden tray








This modern, sturdy wooden tray is decorated with a contemporary laser-printed design, and has plenty of room for serving cocktails and canapes at a party. £35, available from Puji.

5. Frangipani enamel tray, Nkuku

Hardwearing traditional enamel tray

Enamel tray

These lively frangipani floral design trays, are hand painted in Kashmiri. They’re made of hard wearing enamel and are available in red, green or blue. £22.95 from Nkuku.

6. Laptop lap tray, KICO products

Laptop lap tray










This is a tray with a difference. It’s specially designed to use with a laptop, won’t block air vents and cause the machine to overheat and has space for a mouse at the side. It’s available in hundreds of different designs, and costs £26.99 from Kico.

7. Zinc tray, Anticline

Zinc tray










This zinc tray is made by French company Anticline, and comes in two designs – CAFE, or APERO (the French slang for ‘aperatif, or pre-dinner drinks’). Its deep sides mean that drinks in tall glasses won’t slide off, and the handles fold flat for storage. £24.50, available from Boutique Provence.

8. Wicker garden tray, Very Nice Things

Wicker tray










This unusual wicker tray has a glass base, printed with the words ‘welcome to my flower garden’. It’s perfect for carrying cups of tea or meals outside into the garden, and costs only £10 from Very Nice Things.

9. Biscuit tray, the Contemporary Home

Rich tea biscuit tray












Could there be a more perfect tray for carrying your morning cuppa and biscuit? Beautifully printed with the image of a very realistic rich tea biscuit, the tray costs £11 from The Contemporary Home.

10. Tray table, Alison at Home

Folding tray table












This folding table has to be the ultimate in trays. The tray itself is removable, and the metal stand folds up out of the way when not in use, but it makes the perfect occasional table for afternoon tea or alfresco dining. £95, from Alison at Home.


April 16th  

If you’re thinking up ideas for entertainment during the Easter holidays, how about a good old fashioned Easter Egg hunt? It’s great for promoting fresh air, exercise and teamwork, and for helping you get the hordes out of the house for a couple of hours. Here’s how to do it, Cosy Home style.

Hints and tips for successful Easter Egg hunts

  1. If you have a mixture of ages, pair young children up with an older team mate.
  2. Mix the sizes of the eggs up, including mini eggs and larger eggs. This not only helps your creativity with hiding places, but will also help to limit chocolate intake!
  3. To make sure each child gets a fair share of treats, there are several solutions. You could have extra eggs on standby for those that miss out, or have a rule that each team can only find so many eggs before returning to ‘base camp’ and waiting for the others before setting out again. Another idea is to ask teams to collect Easter tokens rather than chocolate, then exchange the tokens for a large egg at the end of the hunt. This will not only make sure that everyone gets the same reward, but is also independent of how many tokens each child has collected. Alternatively, you could allocate each child a different coloured egg to collect, and make sure they collect only their own eggs.
  4. Don’t forget to hide eggs at a range of heights to accommodate different sized participants.
  5. Make a note of how many eggs you’ve hidden, and where they are, in case any can’t be found when the game is over.
  6. Make a sketch map to help any little ones who are struggling to find any eggs.
  7. Small baskets with handles are easiest for little hands to grip.
  8. To avoid a sugar rush, set a rule beforehand as to how many eggs can be consumed on the spot!
  9. Cordon off any areas of the garden you want to designate as ‘no go areas’ – this will probably include flower beds.
  10. If you want to make it a little more challenging, you can introduce clues, with each clue leading to the hiding place of the next. The eggs can be mini eggs, hidden alongside the clues, or one single large egg at the end of the hunt. This type of hunt is more complicated to set up, but will also take the children longer to complete. Protect each clue by hiding them in a container such as a plastic egg or jamjar tied with pastel ribbon.

Easter products we love:

Metal Easter Egg decorations, Gisela Graham

Decorate your home for Easter.

These pretty tin decorations make great chocolate substitutes for an Easter Egg hunt. Hang them from branches and nails around the garden, and children can swap them for chocolate eggs when they’ve collected a few.

Felt Easter baskets, The Oak Room

Fill these little baskets with sweets for an alternative Easter gift.

These cute, lightweight little baskets are ideal for taking on the hunt, or for giving as gift bags. £4.99 each, available from the Oak Room.

Easter Egg hunt sign, Gisela Graham

Point the way to egg hunt with this wooden sign.

This wooden arrow sign is painted in bright colours and Spring flowers, and is perfect for pointing the way to the start of the course or for heading participants off a certain area of the garden. Available from The Contemporary Home as before, priced at £6.

Easter Egg hunt invitations, Honey Tree Bespoke

Add your choice of text and illustration to personalise these invitations.

If you’re inviting children from other families, organise some Easter Egg hunt invitations. Ask your children to design and make their own, or go for a professional result with these beautiful invitations, £1.95 each from Honey Tree Bespoke, which can be personalised to your own requirements.


April 9th  

Cosy home baking accessories: Decorative measuring cups

When it comes to baking accessories, I have a decidedly soft spot for pretty measuring cups.

They’re useful to have for recipes that denote ingredients in cups and can double up as handy little bowls to put ingredients in when you’re baking. Plus, when they’re not in use, they look decorative left out on display on a shelf or kitchen cupboard.

These four sets of china and stoneware measuring cups certainly come up trumps in terms of prettiness, but will be useful too. What do you think?

1. Okuno measuring cups, £32 from Anthropologie

2. Polly’s Pantry measuring cups, £18 from John Lewis

3. Churchill Made with Love set of three measuring cups, £16.99 fromLakeland

4. Set of four vintage botanical measuring cups, £19.99 from Mollie & Fred

April 7th  

After a long, wet winter it looks like the bad weather is finally drawing to a close, and the Spring flowers are are sprouting up in gardens and hedgerows all over the country. Banish the last of the grey skies and brighten up your home with our pick of these cheerful floral accessories.

1. Porcelain primroses, Dee Puddy Interiors

Spring flowers such as snowdrops, crocuses and primroses are stunning and make a real splash of colour outside, but they’re too fragile to last long when brought into the house. Compromise with these beautiful, lifelike porcelain flowers, £12 for a set of three from Dee Puddy Interiors – they’re also available as snowdrops, harebells and daisies for the ultimate Spring bouquet.

2. Flower seed primroses, Wildflower Favours

These paper primroses from Wildflower Favours are flowers with a difference. They’re packed with wild flower and cottage garden seeds such as daisies and wallflowers, and can be planted whole and left to grow. £14.99 for a pack of 40, they’re perfect for party favours or presents.

3. Hyacinth glass vases, Oscar and Eve

These clear glass vases in jewel colours will add a touch of brightness to any windowsill. Perfect for growing hyacinth bulbs or holding a single longstemmed flower or two, they cost £9.95 each from Oscar and Eve.

4. Felt daffodil wreath, the Contemporary Home

Probably the most cheerful of all the Spring flowers, daffodils are the inspiration for this colourful felt wreath. Hang on your door or wall to celebrate Easter, Mothers’ Day or just the arrival of the better weather. £17 from the Contemporary Home

5. Daffodil cushion, Zaida

Handmade in Kashmir, this cheerful cushion is handmade in Kashmir in the new English Garden Daffodils design which also includes a rug and other cushion designs. The design is chain-stitched by hand in wool onto a cotton backing, giving the colours a wonderful depth and texture. Priced at £45 from iapetus.

6. Daffodil wallpaper mural, Digitex Home

Make a real statement in your kitchen or conservatory with this daffodil mural. Supplied in sections to make it easy to apply, it’ll bring a touch of sunshine to your home all year round. Currently reduced to £79, available from Digitex Home.

7. Tulip egg cups, Giselda Graham

How cute are these tulip egg cups? In four pastel-and-polka-dot shades, they’re guaranteed to help you start your morning with a smile. As well as the breakfast egg, why not use them to hold a small chocolate egg as an Easter morning treat?  £5 each, available from the Contemporary Home.

8. Fancy flowers garland, the Oak Room

These paper flowers come in kit form, ready for assembly into a garland or bouquet. You can build the flower centres, petals and leaves up in anyway you want to create a unique result, then use them to decorate your home for a bright and cheerful result. Priced at £8.99 and available from the Oak Room.

9. Daisies jug, Laura Lee Designs

We know daisies aren’t strictly Spring flowers – but this handpainted jug is so fresh and sunny we couldn’t resist. inspired by the beautiful fields surrounding the artist Laura Lee’s studio, the jug is made from bone china and costs £35 from Laura Lee Designs.

10. Bee and daisy cushion, Karen Hilton Designs

You can almost hear the bumble bee droning his way lazily through the daisies on this pretty cushion. Handmade from cotton and wool fabrics, this cushion will bring a splash of sunshine into your home. Priced at £59 and available from Swanky Maison.

April 2nd  

Binky Cosy Home pet

Here at Cosy Home we think a pet adds to the cosy atmosphere of any house, and we’re delighted that 1st April to 5th May 2014 is National Pet Month. Now in its 25th year, the event aims to promote responsible pet ownership, help pet charities and generally enjoy life with our furry, feathered and finny friends.

This year’s theme is ‘Celebrating our Pets’, and there are fun days, open days and competitions being held all over the country for you to join in with.

Pets are good for people

If you’re already a pet owner you won’t need any convincing, but both scientific and anecdotal evidence suggests that pets can help reduce loneliness, ease stress, promote social interaction and could even help you live longer.

As a pet owner, you’re also less to suffer from depression, have lower blood pressure, reduced muscle tension and a lower heart rate. If your pet is a dog, you’ve also got all the health benefits of fresh air and extra exercise.

No pet? No problem

If you’re an animal lover but can’t have a pet due to work or other restrictions, how about offering a couple of regular evening or weekend hours to volunteer at a charity or animal shelter?

Both large charities such as the Dogs’ Trust and the RSPCA and small local organisations are usually keen for an extra pair of hands to give the animals some personal care and attention, and you could find yourself doing anything from dog walking to helping rehabilitate injured birds. Alternatively, you could offer to take out a friend or neighbour’s dog for a bit of much-appreciated extra exercise.

If you don’t have time to volunteer, April is also a great month to look after the wildlife in your garden. It’s coming up to nesting and breeding season, so birds, hedgehogs and insects will all appreciate some extra food and a safe shelter.

Treat your pet for National Pet Month

Your pet may be pampered all the time, but we think National Pet Month is the ideal occasion for a little extra treat. Here’s our pick of the best pet presents.

1. Stylish dog collar, Pet Gift Buddy

Leather dog collar

This smart collar means you and your best friend can step out in style. The mint-green collar features gunmetal grey detailing, an engraved charm and sturdy and D-ring for lead attachment. Suitable for dogs with a neck measuring 11 to 14 inches, it’s available from Pet Gift Buddy and priced at £21.99.

2. Cute cat collar, Bellomania

Cat collar

As cats like to be out on their own at night, a reflective collar is a great way of helping to keep them safe. This cute and practical collar features a safety catch, which will release in an emergency, a removable bell and reflective seams for safety. It fits cats with a neck size of 8 to 12 inches and costs £10.99 from the delightfully-named Aristopaws.

3. Fish hotel, Umbra

Fish hotel

We couldn’t resist this quirky creation from designer Teddy Luong. The outer case offers shade from the light, while the inner glass cube lifts out for easy cleaning, and the contemporary styling of this ‘fish hotel’  is a cut above the traditional round glass bowl. £33, available from Red Candy.

4. Wild bird feeder, Bohera

Eva bird feeder

We love this beautiful wild bird feeder from Belgium company Bohero, who ship to the UK. Made from hand-blown glass, the ball-shaped feeder is both decorative and practical, and will look good in your garden all year round. Designed to hang from a tree branch in a sheltered place, the feeder costs £37.20 from Bohero.


March 31st  


Easter decorations

Are you planning on decorating your home for Easter?

There are lots of inspiring ideas in the shops for decorations, from Easter trees and mini hanging eggs, to Easter wreaths and table decorations. Although it’s good to be creative and make your own – and there are plenty of easy Easter crafts you can try – supplementing your decorations with ready made purchases can help ease some of the stress in the run up to Easter Day.

Don’t leave thinking about what you’ll do this year until the last minute, as the nicest buys may well have sold out (as we’ve found out before). Here are some ideas for decorating your home this Easter.

Left hand column, from top to bottom:

Fabric Easter eggs, £3.50

Wooden Easter tree, £13.50

Easter cracker kit, £18.50

Easter tree decorative eggs, £14


Spring blossom and pastel Easter egg wreath, £29

Right hand column, from top to bottom:

Set of 12 speckled egg decorations, £16

Wool and wood standing rooster decoration, £15

Easter rabbit napkin holder, £7.50

Spring glory flower bottles, £29.99

For more Easter home ideas, check out our curated Easter Home collection on eBay.

Part of the Love Chic Living #LoveYourHome Linky:

Love Chic Living and Love Your Home

March 25th  

Mothering Sunday in the UK is the fourth Sunday of Lent, so the date changes from year to year as it follows the Church calendar. In 2014, Mothering Sunday (now better known as Mother’s Day, in line with the US festival) falls on the 30th March.

Traditionally, it’s a time for children to honour and celebrate their mothers, usually with a gift, card or treat of some kind, to thank them for their care throughout the year. The history of the festival is unclear, but it could have been an adoption of a Roman Spring festival celebrating the Mother Goddess. There are records dating back 400 years of people making a special effort on this date to visit the church where they’d been baptised, their ‘Mother Church’, a custom which was known as ‘going a mothering’.

Later, it became the tradition for boys and girls in service around the country to have Mothering Sunday off as a day to visit their families, and were often allowed to take gifts of flowers or home baking. As servants boarded free of charge, they were paid only a small salary and often couldn’t afford to visit their families without a helping hand from their employers.

Mothering Sunday has also been known as ‘Simnel Sunday’, as the Simnel cake was made on that day and stored, ready for Easter and the end of the Lent fast. Simnel cakes are still popular today, and consist of fruit cake covered with marzipan with an iced middle. Eleven marzipan balls are arranged round the edge of the cake, to represent the twelve apostles with the exception of Judas Iscariot, Jesus’s betrayer.

The traditional flowers of Mothering Sunday are daffodils, as they’re normally coming into bloom at the right time of year. Here’s our pick of this year’s best Mother’s Day gifts:

1. Wooden planter crate, Plantabox

Wooden planter box

This cute little wooden crate can be personalised with a name and message of up to 18 characters per line, then planted with Spring bulbs for a show of bright colour. Priced at £22.95, it’s available in a range of colours and comes complete with a planter liner. Available from Plantabox.

2. Daffodil Mother’s Day card, Honey Tree Bespoke

Daffodil Mother’s Day card

These pretty cards from unique stationery company Honey Tree Bespoke come in a wide range of designs, including geranium, hyacinth, delphiniums and fuchsia plus non-floral options. Cards can also be personalised with your choice of message, and cost £3.90 each. For more information, visit Honey Tree Bespoke.

3. Embroidered notebooks, Karenza and Co

Karenza notebooks

These beautiful notebooks from Karenza and Co feature embroidered flowers on a toning fabric background, contain plain pages, and fasten with a ribbon tie. They’re available in a choice of designs, including hydrangea, pansy and magnolia, and cost £9.50 each.

4. Enamel heart, Delightful Living

Enamel Mother’s Day heart

For an unusual twist on the traditional card, what about this enamel heart? It comes in two different designs and eleven colours, and can be printed with your own choice of message. Great to hang from a drawer handle or cupboard door, it’ll give pleasure for years and years, unlike a paper card. Priced at £15 from Delightful Living.

5. Family cushion, Zoe Corney

Personalised cushion

This wonderful cushion is handmade by designer Zoe Corney, and features your own family immortalised in felt! Working from a brief description, Zoe appliques the characters, including any family pets, to the cushion fabric before adding embroidered names. Priced at £45, this is a quirky, unique gift your mum won’t forget. For more information, visit the Swanky Maison website.


March 24th  

Official LEGO Movie home product

Sometimes it’s hard to keep your home tidy and organised, especially when you’ve got young children who like to spread their toys around on the floor. Getting organised and encouraging them to pick things up after they’ve played with them, and tidy them away at the end of the day, is a good habit to try and bestow, and having good storage solutions available to help with this task makes life easier.

There are various good children’s storage products available, but one that we think really captures children’s imaginations, and appeals to adults too, are the LEGO storage bricks.

To coincide with the recent release of the LEGO Movie, a range of limited edition storage brick boxes, officially licensed by LEGO, have been released.

Limited edition LEGO Movie storage


The storage boxes are available in a choice of four bold colours – red, black, orange and blue – and as four size options – large, medium, small and extra small.

We were sent a square red medium sized storage box to test and review and are impressed with the size, storage capability and robust design. It looks just like a giant sized version of the famous Lego building bricks, with LEGO branding on the ‘knobs’ of the brick. The lid lifts off to reveal plenty of storage inside. If you have more than one box, you can even get creative and stack them together – just like building with real LEGO.

In terms of getting children to pack away their toys, the look of the brick box is appealing and can make tidying up more fun. They’re perfect for using in children’s rooms, playrooms or nurseries, but would also look quite funky left out in the corner of your living room. It’s storage that you’ll find acceptable too.

Whether you’re a fan of LEGO, or just want to get organised, the bricks are a good option for a cosy family home.

The large storage brick is £22.95, the medium £13.95, the small £9.95 and the extra small – which is the right size for using on a desk – is just £6.95. All are available from STORE.

Discover more about the LEGO storage boxes at

March 21st  

From occupational therapist to fabric seller may not be a conventional career path, but for Cheshire-based Debbie Waterhouse it turned out to be just the move she needed.

“I worked in the public sector as an occupational therapist for many years before going independent,” says Debbie. “While I was still with the NHS, I met fellow occupational therapist Sophie Marks, and we’ve remained great friends. Just over a year ago, Sophie and I decided we were both interested in exploring other career options, seeing what else was out there.

Debbie (right) with Sophie

“We’re both keen crafters – Sophie sews, I make paper crafts – but we felt there were already a lot of very talented people selling their wares, and it would be difficult to compete in this marketplace.”

The Bumbleberry range

The pair came up with the idea of selling fabrics and haberdashery rather than finished crafts, and embarked on some thorough market research to see if the idea was viable.

“At the beginning of 2013, we went to a textile show in nearby Nantwich aimed at quilters.  We found that locally there was a gap in the market for beautiful, quirky, unusual fabrics and haberdashery  like ric rac, lace, buttons and ribbons,” says Debbie.

The pair wrote their business plan, then collected many fabric samples to find the prints and range of fabric they wanted to stock.

“We took the samples to local sewing circles to get a feel for the type of fabric people wanted, then looked around for suppliers who could fill our need for retro patterns, vintage-style fabrics and unusual designs.

Clarke and Clarke ‘daisies and dots’ fabric

Finally, Bumbleberry Fabrics was born.

“Sophie came up with the name – it took us ages!” explains Debbie. “We love those deep, rich, autumnal berry colour tones, so to have ‘berry’ in the name seemed appropriate, and we hope our final choice is memorable and evokes our country, quirky image.”

Currently in stock is the beautiful Tilda range by Scandinavian designer, Tone Finnanger, Clarke and Clarke fabric which offers a contemporary, country style and a range of American quirky and floral prints from producers such as Michael Miller and Riley Blake, among others.

Ribbons and bows

“We’ve also got a great range of pretty buttons and some lovely grosgrain ribbons, all chosen to complement our fabrics,” says Debbie. “We’re adding new things to the range all the time, and we sell everything in small quantities to suit crafters.

“We’ve even run our own sewing group, with the help of a sewing teacher from Chester. Our first two six week courses were very popular, and a sewing group has now been formed in Tarvin. We hope to extend these groups to other areas.

Sewing and crafting are more popular now than they have been for decades, and business is booming for this new startup business.

Retro, vintage and quirky fabrics are a speciality

“I think TV programmes like the Great British Sewing Bee and Kirstie’s Homemade Home have really helped to bring crafting into the mainstream,” says Debbie. “If you make something yourself, it’s completely unique and you’ll get the fun of making it. There’s definitely been a shift in attitudes – whereas ‘homemade’ used to be seen as rather naff, it’s now chic and trendy.

“This year, we saw quite a few mums with daughters of about 11 or 12 buying our fabric “easy to sew” kits for Christmas presents, to go with the sewing machines that’d been on Christmas lists. That was really lovely.”

This January, Debbie and Sophie went back to the textile show in Nantwich, but this time as exhibitors.

“We had some lovely feedback, from crafters who’d been attending for years and thought our range was a bit different,” says Debbie. “It was great to hear we’d achieved what we were aiming for!”

For more information or to buy online, please visit You can also visit Bumbleberry Fabrics to view their stock near Chester by appointment only.

March 15th  

Cosy Home Blog on eBay

A few months ago, Cosy Home was invited to take part in a campaign to help launch eBay’s new ‘collections’ feature in the UK. As an avid fan of eBay and a very regular eBay purchaser, it was like a match made in heaven!

Introducing eBay Collections

The idea behind the new eBay collections tool is that it provides you with a simple and easy way of gathering together your ideas and passions – from furniture you’ve got your eye on, to clothing, crafty goodies, collectables or wallpaper ideas. It’s a bit Pinterest-esque in style and provides a visual pin board where you can collect together shopping inspiration.

Although eBay already has the ability to let you watch individual items and follow sellers, it’s now much easier to be able to compare ideas and different products when you can see them alongside each other on your collections boards. If you’ve got a particular decorating theme or colour scheme you’re working towards, it’s great to be able to see how items might look if used together. Plus, as you can choose to make your collections public, it’s also easier to be able to share your passions and ideas with friends, family or anyone using the site.

The eBay UK Collections tool officially launched last week, so we’re excited to be able to finally share our collections with you. As our passion is interior design, our collections are of course all based around ideas for our home. We’ve created a dozen collections so far, which you can see in full here, and will be updating them regularly and adding more ideas in the months to come.

To whet your appetite, here’s some insight into a few of the collections we’ve created:

Create a Cosy Home

How to create a cosy home

It was only natural that one of our collections should focus on creating a cosy home! This one has proved particularly popular and has been trending on the eBay collections homepage this week. It’s full of ideas for making your home cosy, from warm bedding and soft rugs, to cosy fires, flickering candles and knitted cushions.

Beautiful Shabby Chic

Shabby chic ideas for your home

As you know, we love all things shabby chic. eBay is a great place to search for shabby chic home bargains, as we found whilst creating this collection. The Beautiful Shabby Chic collection includes ideas for homely wallpaper, unique furniture, ornate mirrors, pretty storage and finishing touches to help you make your house a home.

The Joy of Driftwood

Add the rustic charm of driftwood into your home

We think there’s something special about driftwood. The way it’s been tossed and turned, carved and worn through its journey in the sea. Used in the home, it can add a special air of rustic charm. Amongst the many sellers on eBay are craftspeople, who create beautiful homeware pieces and objects d’art from reclaimed driftwood. Our Joy of Driftwood collection celebrates the uniqueness of driftwood and offers plenty of ideas for items you can buy and add to a special place in your home.

The collection includes cleverly designed clocks, candle holders, mirrors, fruit bowls and coat hooks, to name but a few. And if you fancy creating your own individual piece from driftwood, but don’t live near a beach, you could even buy a bundle of raw driftwood pieces!

These are just a handful of our curated collections – some of our others include Classic Cath Kidston, Pretty Pastels, Crafty Homeware Kits, Perfect Patchwork and Heartfelt Home Decor. So head over to eBay now to check them all out. Don’t forget to follow Cosy Home Blog on eBay too, to keep up-to-date with our new finds and bargain buys!

We’ve loved collating our collections, so hope you do too.

***Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with eBay***

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